The (Not So) Vast Forests of Stonehearth!

Trees! I want to talk about trees! For you see, as I lay here on my bed with my laptop in front of me, reading the thread about population, I realised that I’m probably going to need quite a lot of houses. Now, obviously from what we’ve seen in videos and such, trees are a standard and easily accessible resource and thus my first houses shall definitely be wooden. I am pretty confident they want to implement different materials too, but what if I want to keep building from wood? Or need wood from something else? I will want more trees! But what if they’re gone? Will I have to send my people to far away lands just to chop them down? Or will we gain some form of sapling when chopping? Will wood be sustainable?

Yes, wood will be renewable. I do remember this being said, although I can’t remember where/when. I will need verification from Admiral Adamo on this one, but I do remember it being said somewhere.


Oh good, I was sure the devs would’ve answered such a question :smile:

Indeed, this is a worry of mine as well. There will have to be some way of being able to renew tree growth. Perhaps one of the mid-level wood-related guys can replant saplings?

@Smokestacks your forgetting one important factor, if your going to have any dogs in your village your going to need sticks for them to play with


I’m 90% sure it was mentioned that trees would grow and spread at some rate, and I believe there was some talk at some point about a class that could also help manage your wood supply by planting trees.


I believe it’s something along the lines of tree+time+life= spawn sapling x distance away.

“I think you need to be able to plant trees, it’s just a matter of
when … so sure you’ll be able to plant trees … it’ll be something
figured out in tuning.”

… was the last statement on this topic from the devs. So I guess we can expect that there will be a profession, which allows the player to plant vegetation. You can find the quote and a link to the relevant stream here.

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along the same lines as @voxel_pirate’s response, we also have this, in regards to limited resources:

Are resources on the map finite, will we have to start a new game
because they’re exhausted? - Livestream - 18:10

“I hope not, that’d be a horrible reason to restart a game … you
shouldn’t have to restart the game because you feel like you’ve made
bad choices … there’ll always be a way to find resources from
somewhere … dig deeper, trade, replant trees …”

and here’s an interesting topic, in case you wanted to weigh in on “all about trees”… :smile:

And trees for them to pee on? :smile:

And as for your wonderful and speedy responses, of course! I don’t actually know how I could have forgotten, considering it was I who had his suggestion of a Forester class read out and agreed with by Tom before being shot down by Tony… :crying_cat_face: