Question about trees

Hi , first sorry in advance my english isn’t very good !

I just started to play Stonehearth i have many job on my citizens but i don’t see anything for planting trees , i need to go far for taking trees now . I looking for a mod but no work with Alpha 10 !

So my question is , there is something in game for replanting trees and i don’t see / discover wet , or i need to go far for taking trees ?

Thank you !

at the moment - NO ^^

But they are at work - that trees will be growup and make saplings ^^

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Hehe ok thank you ! My citizen are going to make sport in this case !

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Really hope this comes in next update, it should be really simple to implement it really

yes and no^^ the problem is that the tree should grow over the complete world - so they must look because of the memory etc. to make a field that grows trees should be simple because its only like a farm ^^

at the moment just make some wooden shields sell them and buy wood :wink: