Trees, do they grow to large?

OK, I will be short and straight XD
I have got the game 2 days ago and I love it.
My questions are those ones:
Do all trees grow to large trees?
I am talking mainly about Oaks, but other types are worth the information also.
I found that with the green hearthlings I can plant saplings and farm wood, do they grow to large over time?
how long it takes approximately since they have been planted?
Do the generated trees on the map grow also over time?
Do they need a specific amount of space to be able to grow to a certain size or they can grow to large while being all packed?

If you dont have numbers it’s fine, but If anyone knows the main info, that would be the most important for me. sorry for the inconvenience and many Thanks!!

AFAIK, trees do not grow at the moment. Placing saplings grown from a farmer should become a “normal” (medium, I think) size tree when placed…but it does not grow more.

Edit: and I might be completely wrong…don’t plant trees much.

Edit 2: Let’s just forget that I even said anything :wink:.

I distinctly remember planting oak trees in the desert and then later finding they’d changed to large ones.


Unless there is a bug, here is what i dug up in the game files:

Saplings -> Small Oak: 1d
Small Oak -> Medium Oak -> 3d
Medium Oak -> Large Oak: 5d


Thank you for the numbers, they are gonna be extremely usefull to plan the plantation and collection of the trees.

And thanks everyone fof the help! :smiley: