Will the trees grow back

does the trees grow back

The trees do not grow back, but the farmer (if playing the ascendancy) can grow saplings which you can place in the world to regrow you forest.


or better yet, how about trees/saplings randomly growing on unmarked territory?

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I guess this could be done by periodically picking each tree on the map and have a low random chance for them to test if a random nearby place is suitable (there is grass and there are no other objects like other trees, placed items or passing hearthlings or monsters). If the place is suitable it places a sapling there, otherwise it just cancels the placement and eventually gets a new chance in the next period.

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Yea, the Ascendancy has it made with the tree farms - but they grow ridiculously fast into big-ass “ancient” trees after being planted. Maybe they should cap out at Medium?..

Definitely think the desert biome needs some natural tree growth, however small.


I have to 100% agree with this, I have a Mayya’s Children save and every tree has been cut down, The demand for wood is almost 4x what the Merchants can sell

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I do agree with you there Sukai. Even if it is just being able to grow the cacti that gives the small amount of wood would be great. I hate having to chop down all the trees as it make the landscape so barren. I understand that the RC are suppose to be able to buy anything they need as they develop their economy but I don’t see any merchants selling scaffolding (lol)

@LeadfootSlim hopefully they will implement something

What if the RC could use clay for scaffolding that would make a huge difference,