[alpha 19] How do you grow trees?

Okay, RC is at a serious disadvantage if trees can’t be grown in the desert.

To make fire, you need wood, which impacts nearly every craft. The real puzzle came when I got seeds for Oaks and made a field of them. Now I have saplings, and while the description says the saplings are ready to be moved to a larger plot, there doesn’t seem to be any way of moving the saplings anywhere.

How does one move saplings? Where will they grow? Are RC just cursed to live in a woodless wilderness?

Thx in advance!
Edit: Is Coal ever going to be usable as fuel in place of wood?

When they’re harvested they become like furniture, in that you can place them using the furniture placement menu. Then over time they grow!

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There are some ways to get wood for RC. All of them are a bit tricky but that what makes them interesting for me.

  • Trade.
    It is a main source of wood for RC. You should always have something to trade as RC have regular caravans.
  • Steal from goblins!

BTW, can RC now grow oaks too? Haven’t tried them yet A17+

I don’t know if it’s oaks (not at home atm), but they can defintely grow some kind of trees. In my last RC playthrough I managed to get a decent forest going without running out of wood once.

Back to topic: trees should grow just everywhere one grass and stone/mountains.

They can grow acacia trees once one farmer reaches level 6. (they can also plant oaks if you make a deal with a seed trader)

When the tree is ready to be harvest from the farm plot, you still need to wait for your farmer to go there, pick it up, and place it in a stockpile (like any other crop). Once stored, you can place it like any other furniture.

To get wood from alternative ways, you can also cut the big cactus (they drop cactus wood logs), or my preferred method, buy from the merchants. You don’t need to wait for those random daily merchants, you can build one market stall (18 clay to craft from a level 3 potter) and there you summon merchants that sell you wood and stone.