Random mining during a sunny morning

Randoming mining and the encouter this…

Made my day!

And quick Question, what can you do if the trees are all out and you need wood? Pray for a caravan or other solutions

Btw Team Radiant, Thumbs up! You are awesome

your farmer can make saplings which you can plant :wink:


Not with RC, Only Ascendancy can grow trees.


Its with the RC i m playing so… I also thought it was only possible with the Ascendancy

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ohh you have right ^^ i havent looked carfully that this is RC xD

With the dessert you have alot of ores to mine. What is great.
But opposite is that you also need wood to burn them to a metal bar… And guess what you dont find in the dessert… :smiley:


yup… Caravans are the way to go if it reaches that point. Of course I tend to buy wood from them anyways even when I haven’t cut too many down.

My starting tailor helps in sales of cloth. And eventually with the tea pots my potter starts helping the money.

It is a trade faction after all. And that is something I utilize well. :smiley: