Decorative Trees

Hi there everyone.
Got the game a couple of days ago and I’m pretty much hooked.

After playing both Ascendency and Rayyas Children and I understand that it’s supposed to be a challenge to live with limited amounts of wood in the desert - I did set up a basar to buy my wood stock from several traders.

There is one thing however I’d really really like to see: decorative trees, shrub and cacti. Make those actually cost wood but a settlement would look so much better with some green scattered about. Alternatively make trees, cacti and shrubs movable like other harvestable resources.



Shrubs at least in the forest are moveable

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We mentioned this a little bit as well in this thread, among a few others…

I also would like to see some way to control how large planted trees are able to grow, for landscaping aesthetic options.


Yes berry bushes, small cacti and silk are movable. though I’m talking about the large cacti and trees (everything that gives you wood)

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Indeed a growth limitation option would be nice too - although you wouldn’t really need that if you could just relocate a wild tree, since they don’t grow.

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True, but I don’t see that being the best option for the game. Requiring the player to work for their landscape–rather than just grabbing everything already preexisting in the world map and deploying it–is personally more engaging and rewarding of a mechanic.

(Plus, can you imagine a hearthling trying to relocate a full-sized tree??)


Yes it’s not the best option, sure. Though it would make use of already existing ingame mechanic… if that’s even possible to apply it to stuff like trees.

It woul definitely be hilarious watching a hearthling shoulder that tree

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or they could add some sort of bonzaii tree to the farmer crops(which i think wouldnt require more mechanics)

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