Flowers as decorations

Anyone sad that in A14 flowers are no longer decorations? With the herbalist using the flowers I can’t plant the flowers wherever I want anymore as they don’t show up to be place-able. I use to line my streets with lanterns and flowers or have parks.

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hey there @Tamira,

if you click on the plants themselves in the wild, rather then harvesting them, it should come up with the option to move the flower.

but i do agree, it would be nice if we could get placeable ones in our stockpiles.

hope this helps.


Oh thanks @8BitCrab for the tip. I never knew that! Though that also means you are only limited to how many flowers are in the wild :frowning:. Better than nothing. It will be hilarious that you can harvest the decorative flowers too XD


You can plant farms of flowers. So you don’t need to get it all from wild.

Ops, I forgot that the farmer don’t give the full flower to plant anymore, sorry.

Yes, but those are used by the herbalist and you can no longer “place” the ones you harvested wherever you want.



To be honest, I haven’t been able to play that much of Stonehearth, so I didn’t even know about that.

I’m a huge fan of putting detail into any map I build on, especially small details, so I’m sad to hear that that has been taken out in a way. But, hopefully this is resolved in the future.

In addition though, I think this a great opportunity for the Potter! It would cool if we could, later, make flower pots large and small. Totally random there, but just a thought.

Thanks for letting me know!



Going to move this thread over to #suggestions. I agree that it is very limiting that flowers grown by the farmers can no longer be placed, and that there are a finite number of flowers on the map. Paging @yshan and @sdee for their thoughts.


Woohoo yay thank you! Although, I can imagine it now if the devs put the flowers back in. The herbalist will have the same funny bug as the carpenter with the placed mean beds and start stealing the placed flowers to use in their recipe. Will need to post footmen to chase away the pesky herbalist from the palace gardens.