Growable grass/usable foilage

Could placeable foilage be adres to the game? Together with grass that grow back to dug out ground? So that everything in town looks a bit more fancy

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I’d like grass growing back on its own myself, although I don’t expect that to be brought in any time soon. it would require the world to judge whether a block is next to grass and then do a dice roll every tick to see if the dirt grows some grass. sure, it’s done in minecraft and terraria, but those are finished systems. on the current system, I don’t think it would be able to handle it yet along with everything else. would be a nice addition towards the end, though.

an alternative could be farming grass like we do with flowers and placing it turns a dirt block into a grass block.

I do think growing and planting foliage would be a nice addition, but considering the existence of potted flowers and the like, I believe it’s already something the devs are addressing and planning with.

I agree on you that it most likely wont happen soon. Im a patiënt person. Looking forward to these possibilities. And if more people agree with vertaling suggestions i assume devteam will try to do something with it

Or maybe implement a system like bonemeal in minecraft? If you want an area to look prettier and planted with grass, let your herbalist/farmer throw some seeds in the area, and voilà.
This would also eliminate the need for the game to check every tick

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Tony did say in a dev stream that he wants the Geomancer to be able to grow back grass, though i cant say for certain whether that will end up being the case.

in the current A14 builds you cant actually get the potted flowers in your stockpile, as farming flowers, or harvesting wild ones, just gives you the petals for potions and tonics.

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Is the carpenter no longer able to make the flower potters? They were only for walls IIRC, but its something…


well since you cant get the flowers in your stockpile* you cant make the flower pots :worried:

*unless you run into this bug,


YAY grass will be able to be grown back, the amount of holes left by goblin camps is making the place look untidy.

I think that this is a great idea! One time I messed up a road, but there was no way in placing grass back :frowning:! So I just had to go with it :’( and if I left it it would of tainted my world! A lot of people have already mentioned this though, here are a few links:

Now these are just two of the massive list! Please devs, please implement this idea! EVERYBODY WANTS IT!!