Grass, New Post For An Old Gripe

I’m loving the changes in Alpha 15, it’s a whole new game again, however I’m still having an issue with long games where I end up with a map looking like swiss cheese because of the goblin camps. I’d thought with the introduction of dirt this was coming shortly but maybe I’m wrong.

I’m not a Dev and I don’t have the experience with the game to fully understand it’s mechanics so maybe I’m asking something that’s difficult due to other considerations I know nothing about; I just thought it’d be neat to be able to do from a builder point of view, as well as a gamble because you may lay a new lawn only to have a camp spawn there again unless you change the shape of your town somehow. This is really becoming an issue due to the new maps (which I love) which have far less wide open plains where you can build big. Ideally I’d like to see large scale landscaping in the future where you could change terrain styles, but right now I’d just like to be able to fill in the hole left by the camps. Or maybe you could have camps spawn +1 level if they occur on grass? The camps don’t affect the mountains when they spawn after all, just the extra layer of grass. Or maybe make the top layer of dirt turn to grass over time instead of adding the extra grass layer when it generates. These are the problems for Devs to decipher, not me. :smiley:

I’d also like to say that I really appreciate the way you folk handle the forum here, it’s a hands on approach that I wish every group followed, and not just games. I had an issue with Skype this morning which made me appreciate the forum here even more. Keep up the great work, we may complain a lot, but we sure appreciate the work you do. I know I bought the game as a product but I’ve come to consider it a privilege to have such an impact in the direction of the game, solely through this discourse. Any way, enough arse kissing, get back to work!


One thing I know is that we can’t have a grass block and build using it, even though there is a mod that adds grass colors to builders, cause grass on each map has a different color, sometimes even a change of elevation is enough to change the color, and on the edges there is also a different shade of the green.

For example, on my archipelago biome mod, the sand is just recolored grass to yellow, but the hills are the same old green, someone could even make the grass neon red if he wants.

Unless the block is smart enough to adapt its color to the correct one.
I hope the upcoming class geomancer has the ability to add grass wherever you like, on top of stone mountains for example, as we can’t farm or hunt on stone ground.

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personally i would like the ability to fill in holes or just extend the workable floor over a hole towards a wall for example

I’d just like to be able to fill in holes in general. For some reason, I accidentally drug out a mining pit where I meant to build (Wasn’t paying attention, wrong tool selected most likely). I couldn’t cancel the mining, so now there’s a big gaping hole in the middle of where I wanted my town. I’ve since turned it into a poyo pit, but I so long to have it flat. :crying_cat_face: