Self-growing grass!

Alpha 18’s dev notes include a note about replacing grass and topsoil in a future update. Since the goblin camps also remove topsoil, it might be nice to have an automatic system that causes grass to fill in small holes so that our villages aren’t eventually surrounded by square craters.

Such a system could even work with whatever dirt-piling tool gets developed; if you fill in a hole or build a dirt hill, it could start out bare dirt and chia-pet up over time until it’s covered in fresh grass.


While it may be a bug for all I know, it seems that goblin camps won’t spawn very near your town, so if the first thing you do when you start a world is run around and put down stockpiles - even if there’s almost nothing in them - you can block off huge areas and not have things spawn there. Really helps with setting up town defense, but also keeps the grass pretty in your village area, even if you haven’t really expanded out to where you’re eventually going to be.

I kind of hope it’s not a bug. The little Hearthlings are so stupid that they need all the advantages they can get. :wink:

Not relevant to the suggestion, but this link to a Desktop Tuesday video is for MostlyLost:

I think the Geomancer Class will fulfill this role later on in the game. You will be able to create grass, soil, or stone and move it around if i am correct. Other than that it is a good idea. :+1: