Grow back the grass?

So I love that after we first encounter those goblins, we get the cleaned out patch of dirt from where they were. However, I think it might be kinda neat to see that grass come back, maybe after two other camps spawn or something? Just a sort of thing to make us feel more like the world is alive.


If nothing else, I think it’s because the goblin camp is always placed one voxel into the ground, rather than on top of the grass like our own buildings etc.


The Goblin camps always seem to spawn where I have plans to build, lol. It’d be great if we could replant the grass as if you build a house on the goblin plot it’s a block down, and putting a slab down means building a house a block too high! Can be a real pain when you’re planning a large village.

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Grass should grow back after we have destroyed a goblin camp and after we have destroyed one of our own buildings. The difference in elevation make those zones unpractical for buildings. Another solution would be to give our workers the ability to fill holes with dirt.

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Yes, It would be nice to be able to fill holes or “build” dirt. And then let the grass cover it again.

Have fun, Kyth

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