Globlin Camps make Holes

Is there a way to placed down dirt or something to replace the grass they destroyed in my land?


This might be more suitable under the “Suggestions” category as the hole in the ground is intended.

But I like the idea of being able to place down dirt and grass type blocks in case you want to cover up mistakes with digging, or in your case, the huge patch of annoying goblin camps leave behind.


yes these goblin camps coming along and slicing giant squares of grass out of my camp permanently is super rude! one save they actually plopped right down on top of a group of stockpiles, completely destroying all the goods within them in addition to permanently ruining the land


Yes, those holes are also bothering me! Wouldn’t bone/wood fences be more fitting to set their borders?

The ulgy holes in the ground they are destroying the forest and much more important: Future building areas.

But I admit it’s fun to mine out little rivers to flood their land before I wipe them out :smiling_imp:


You know, they are goblins. Destruction of nature and goods, and general unsightliness and undesirable behavior, ought to be expected. I say works as designed.

Now, suggestions to allow us to fill in holes and regrow grass and trees would probably be well-received, and in fact such suggestions have already been made. The initial destruction and trashing of the area by the establishment of the goblin camp ought to stay, however.


I never said there nothing wrong with the idea of them destroying the land, but there is a problem with issues like Eyelem

problems with them clearing away places like stockpiles and such, maybe they should make it where you can place down flags on Houses to increase your “SafeZone” or something along the lines…

Again, they’re goblins. They don’t exactly have respect for other people’s stuff. Move your stockpiles inside or underground, if you want them to be safer. If you leave your stuff out in the open for anyone to steal or destroy, expect it to be stolen or destroyed.

Works as designed, in my opinion.


Already, goblins are supposed to spawn outside of your town, and preferably out of the fog of war. We don’t need safe zone flags.

There have just been a few bugs with this recently is all.

Who do they think they are, those green bastards, trying to take a bite out of our good running economies, taking our land (way too literally).

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they no longer spawn outside of the fog of war, but right on the edge of it. thus if you “explore” far away from your camp, they shouldnt spawn to close to your initial spawn/camp.


Yep, once had a trapper go on a long journey and a few days later goblins spawned miles away.