Farmers aren't picking the flowers in farms

So I have a few banks of flowers but the Farmers (I have 4) are not harvesting them so my herbalist can’t make potions (and ultimately become a cleric). Help?

in ACE, flower farms are now for “decorative flower beds” – your herbalist has a flower planter which they use to farm herbs and flowers. This was done to simplify the jobs of farmers + cooks so you don’t have them growing flowers when you need the food more, or vice-versa, since the herbalist now supplies the flowers they’ll be using for most things.

Okay that sounds great but if you don’t have seeds for the correct potions your herbalist still can’t make potions. It would be nice if the herbalist could at least have the same abilities as farmers in that they could plant at least the basic frostsnap and basic pink one (having a brain fart on what’s called) like the farmers can. But good to know! Thank you.

With the new “Foraging” command you can also get seeds and herbs of all types (available in your biome), so it’s technically impossible to “run out” of seeds or a type of herb, you just need to forage a bit to find some :slight_smile:

Once you have a single planter, you’ll have a lifetime stock of that herb since the planter only needs one seed to be started, it doesn’t need to keep getting seeds on each replant

We are probably going to change it to be more similar to the farmer, yes - but for now these tips should help you out!

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No worries - I just happened to be in an area with lots of frostsnap and little else. I figured it out in the end. :slight_smile: