Questions about [ACE]

Could someone please explain to me how the Herbalist works now with Ace?

I’m really struggling in-game with healing because I just can’t seem to get any red flowers or red seeds to grow them. I keep trying to google but none of it makes any sense to me. How am I supposed to get it if I can’t find it? I harvested red flowers but never once got a seed. I’ve got green, white, yellow but no red.

Also, is there any way to turn off the need to drink water? It’s taking up too much time of my workers and they really aren’t getting anything done because I didn’t know if it would put a hole into the ground so I put it away from my village as I didn’t want it looking ugly if I decided to move it later.

You need to drill wells for water, and these wells can be removed at any time or upgraded to make them look better.
Other forum members for the seed will write back. Because I don’t know🤗

You should be able to Forage (the basket command in amongst the Harvest/Mine/Loot task bar) in order to find random materials, including flowers and herbs, in relatively (or better) wild areas - you’ll also occasionally find flowers/herbs as distinct spawns on the map or purchase them from traders. Those flowers/herbs can be converted to multiple seeds by your Herbalist and then planted. Traders also sometimes have just the seeds.

Red plants are also the most common on the map, usually - and your herbalist is able to make seeds from the harvested herbs - you don’t have to get seeds just from harvesting the plant, you can make seeds.

As mentioned above, Foraging exists to allow you to get any resources from your map that you might have “finished off” by accident or wasn’t lucky with the RNG. For example, if your map has not a single one plant of a certain kind that can exist in this biome, Foraging allows you to find herbs and seeds of said plant.

It’s very inefficient by itself (more than 50% of the foraging attempts will give nothing, and the remaining can give an assortment of random stuff) but enough to get a single seed or herb that will then allow you to jumpstart your production with herbalist planters. Once planted, the planter will continue producing forever, like a “farm”, without needing additional seeds. So all you need is a single seed :slight_smile:

As for the well and also mentioned above, they can be upgraded to have better looks and they can be removed with the Destroy tool (looks like an eraser) and when they’re destroyed no hole or anything is left.

Oh, I forgot to mention one thing: thirsty will not kill your lings so you don’t even need a well after you’re able to provide them with quality drinks like tea, juices, beer, wine, mead, etc…


Yes! This is the information I needed. I didn’t know you could forage for them and it’s great to hear I can just delete the wells without them damaging the area. Another great thing! Thanks for the help!