Flower planting/harvesting

How do I farm flowers? I have multiple seeds but they are not an option when I select something to grow

Herbalist planters, it is in the patchnotes

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Is it normal that my herbalists just refuse to craft any planter boxes?
All they do is sleep, eat and drink. Lay about by the fire.Tend to some window planter boxes (which happened to be in a building template, though these aren’t made by the herbalist).

I do see them making some medical stuff now and then. But they don’t even look at the beehives, despite having all benches, no other orders, having all the clay they need, max level, best bee keeper hats… I’m so confused 0.0

Right, now i’m angry…
3 days of this issue,
i make one post about it while my game is running and all of a sudden they made the basic planter pot… and i have no idea what changed.
Its like the dang universe is doing it on purpose!

Ill keep you guys posted on further developments, maybe it will help someone in the future.

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I think i may have an idea of the issue.

There were 6 clay blocks scattered and laid about in my buildings, where settlers just could not reach them.
So the crafting was placed on a perma hold.

No idea why they dont look at the bee hives in the fall though.
I’m playing in a cold biome, maybe thats relatable?

You must harvest the bee skeps manually, maybe that’s the case with the bee skeps.

As for the materials getting stuck, this happens every now and then - you can try getting a mod called “What’s Stuck?!” that kind of gives you a hint when crafting fails for reasons like that (and other stuck issues in the game)