AI issue, and apparently this title needs at least 15 characters. Hah

Well, this is where it gets strange.

Nothing crashed, I never used the debug console in this current game, everything was working perfect… and then, the following:

The herbalists continue to:
Tend to window planters (when they are clicked off)
Refuse to create the last five beehive things
Seem to over emphasize tending to plants in the pots (small, medium and large) rather than production.

The carpenter:
Is being a jerk off! He’s running around, collecting random stuff and NOT finishing a now massive queue.

Figured out the goblin issue:
You need at least one blue storage field, you can dedicate it to wood, food, whatever, just one item. They will send usually two bruisers before leaving to smash your stuff. If you DON’T have a blue storage field, they will blitz you with 4+ bruisers, and they will end you.

Thus far the other crafters and doing their work as usual.

All of this happened before the first season ended, and I think I have round 23 or 24 peeps right now. There are no memory issues, no lag, nothing that should have caused this.