Weaver and herbalist priorities

So at current building a ladder is higher on the priority list for the weaver and herbalist than harvesting the resource they use, silkweed and brightbells respectively.

This means that if you are building a house and either one out of the harvestable resource they will go and build ladders for the workers instead of harvest the resources they need. This means that they don’t do there job until the building is finished or the trapper who has his priorities straight gets some time off and harvests it for them.

This is very much a pain in early game hard mode.

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Far as I know, that kind of harvesting is left to farmers and workers. Their job that is.

A crafter’s job is anything to do with the crafting table. Which means if they have something to craft that is what will take priority over building scaffolding/ladders.

One thing I have to agree with is some way to direct who does scaffolding…

yeah but when you don’t have any farmers and only one worker who is building at the beginning of a hard mode run though there is no one else to harvest it.

One (side-steppy) solution for this might be to use the Hearthling control panel and disable your weaver etc from hauling, just leave “job” enabled. This should make them focus on their job.

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I have a fix for this. Hopefully can get it out to you all sometime next week on unstable branch.


After updating to 566 that has the fix in, I’ve noticed that the weaver refuses to harvest the silkweed.
So yeah looked it up in the game files and weavers can’t harvest, I kind of expected that they were self sufficient but I guess not.
Herbalists can harvest though.