Some materials they just don't get

You can see they don’t get the collected silkweed and if you pay attention you will see that some brightbell too. I’m at Deepmun 12 and have collected silkweed from earlier days. I don’t know if this is a bug, so I’m posting this as a suggestion. You guys could make they take the collected materials as a first/second preference.
Or better, a button (like that you use to harvest) to force then to do that action as priority.
Example: You harvest a lot of materials, but have one you need to take first, so you select the item or the area to make your hearthlings see that as a priority (will work perfectly just with workers).

Ive always thought some sort of task manager would be helpful, so you can prioritize tasks kind of like building. Maybe make a town board and every task you have on that board shows up when you click on it and you can move it up and down just like the crafting menus,

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Do you have storage with filters that accept plants? Is that storage full?
Are your hearthlings building or doing something with higher priority?

Yes, have storage with filters that accept plants (5 with 32 of space each) and they aren’t full and they are close (those 5 line chests in the second image)
Most of the time my hearthlings are harvesting or mining. But have materials that is priority for me to get (like wood). I had cut some trees don’t so far away and put some chests to get that woods, but the hearthlings seem random, because some times they harvest the materials that is close and some times they harvest the materials that is far. I really need wood and my carpenter travels to get one or two xD
Some times I don’t let my heartlings to build or to mine, to make them to harvest, but feel like random in the same way, because some things they don’t harvest.