New Way to Gather Materials

Hey everybody!,

Just a quick, little, not-really-thought-out idea for Stonehearth!

Let’s say you select a Hearthling to cut down a tree. The current action they do now is cut down the tree, leave the resources where they lye, and then move on to the next task. And then after all the trees are cut, for example, then they will go back and collect what they cut down.

I was thinking though, a more typical RTS feature, would be to have Hearthlings, while cutting down that tree, or mining into that stone, automatically collect what they’re chopping / mining. So in the example of chopping a tree, they will automatically collect wood into their packs, until it’s full - go drop off everything at the stockpile - and then return to chopping down the rest of the tree, or move on the next tree.

I think this could cut down on the time it takes to collect resources for one, but also might cut down the amount of processing power needed… Umm… If some of you may recall, I’m not good with technology, so that last bit could be totally off! But heck if I know…

Anyway, does that make sense? If it doesn’t, I can rewrite that.

But yeah, if it does make sense though, let me know what you guys think!


So your Hearthling mines ten blocks of mountain, gets lucky with stone or ore, and has a full backpack. Do they stop mining and run back with their haul? They chop a fifth of a tree and have a full backpack. Do they stop and run back? If not, how do you inform the Hearthlings to keep harvesting when they’ve got a full pack? If so, do you save on travel time?

As of the current build, you’ll save enormous amounts of time if you just move some chests/crates/vaults over to where you’re about to start harvesting resources and set them to store what you’re going to harvest. When the harvesting is complete, the haul is very short to the storage boxes there; and you move 32/64/256 items at a time when relocating the chests. I don’t see your method being more efficient than that, though perhaps I’ve misunderstood what you’re saying. It’s late :wink:

As far as processing power, every item is kept track of by the game as it is (which is why food still spoils in chests, for example) so all you’d really be saving is a tiny little bit of graphics. I don’t know how hard the game is on a GPU; I run a high end GPU so I’ve got so much unused the game hardly shows up at all. Perhaps it would be an important difference on low power or older cards.

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What I see is, ofc it would be more RTS style the way you suggest… like more realistic maybe.

I’d say its good haveing the ressources lying on the ground, as you can watch your hearthlings collect them. As it doesnt make a big difference anyway, lets say it is good the way we have it at current state.

Imo it makes a little difference in terms of atmosphere, as you can see your hearthlings harvest AND collect/haul.

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