AI task bundling and bulk hauling

Was playing the other night and the Hearthlings of North Wood was living their lives happily enough, not having much to do. But as their great overlord I wasn’t going to just let them Idle. I had a pretty good idea that the next daily status was just going to miss a little food to meet the criteria for another little worker. Luckily there was 5 berry bushes ripe for the plucking, a little stretch away, but they need to work for there food. Click harvest, drag square and two Idling Hearhlings ran off and started plucking away. While they where plucking I could see I need some wood as well so drag a square around some trees in the other end of my little Paradise. The two free Hearthlings when done derided that i would be fun cutting down tree. Well that was what i told them to do, but the are going right past the food stockpile, but still left all the baskets on the ground. Sigh…

I know the IA for the person just looks at what is most important and does it. But I think you need to make some update that can make some bundling of tasks. In the first place the two Hearthlings journey to the bushes toke just as long as the harvest. So i might have been smarter for just one to go. So maybe some functionality that when the first Hearthling have found that plucking is his next task, he looks to see if it is a quick task compared to distance, if it is the see if there are similar task close to this one and are there then reserve these. This would also make the production of buildings work better, here the number of reserved tasks should of course be limited to what he could build with the block of material he has.

In the plucking scenario it would of course result in 5 baskets and only one set of hand in the end. This where a backpack/wheelbarrow/wagon comes in it would be nice if one person when ending up with the task to bring something to a stockpile she would think is there anything else that need to be moved approximated the same way. If so let me get them all with my bulk items hauler.

In general an optimization that if a Hearthling on the way to its next target passes close to a stockpile after it passes close to an object accepted by the stock pile then do this on the way, the do this.

I know this is not a simple as i am making it (and properly something, if solved perfectly could be sold to Amazon for a lot off money), but approximation and not complete optimization would actually just make the Hearthlings seam more human.

Another small optimization i would like to see is when a Hearthling need something to build with then she shouldn’t just grab what is closest to him but what is closest to where he should use it.

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You can use the looting key to select the berries, this makes them a higher priority.

I know but hate micromanagement, and having to come back after a while to do the loot seem irritating. And this won’t become less of a problem when you have 50 Hearthlings.

On a side note a optimization so that the one that can do a task fastest should be the one to do it.

Example. A needs a task there is only one job chop down tree, but A is 100 squares from three. Next B need a job. He should still be able to look at the tree chopping task an see that his actually next to the tree and is able have it chopped down before A can even get there. Tell A I’m doing that find a new task.

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I’ve been thinking some about bulk hauling and I personally think it would make sense for it to take a bit of effort to get to that point… Let’s say the shepherd can tame donkeys or other pack animals (llamas!) as well as sheep, or something similar? Then a Hearthling can go grab a pack animal from the pasture when there are at least X hauling jobs to be done, and drag the poor critter around to pick up all the things before returning to the stockpile with them.

Or something along those lines.

I may have adored the donkeys back in my Settlers days a bit much. >.>

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A great thought, it could maybe be split into better and better transport methods.

  1. Backpack 3 items
  2. Small wagon 5 items
  3. Donkey 10 items
  4. Donkey with wagon 25 items.

maybe the wagons speed on non road could be slow.

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