Rayya's Children: Herbalist

I’d like to ask about the Herbalist as I play through Peaceful A21 with Rayya’s Children.

This class seems to be difficult to play, especially since trading is about the only way to get resources. Granted, I understand that the two “races” trade things back and forth, such as seeds and other crafting items for questing. However, farmers do not have flower seeds which are the only ingredient for creating even the crafting bench. I am left with relying on traders to have flowers in stock (i waited probably 10 traders to see 1), and even after making the bench, I can’t make anything until I get more (only basic potions are available, which need flowers).

I have noticed that cactus flowers have “medicinal” purposes, and are in abundance in the world. Why not use that as a the basic crafting ingredient for Rayya’s Herbalist? This way you can play the class and progress toward one of the quests which requires a high-end recipe that would otherwise take forever (or a lucky trader to give me the seeds!).

Thoughts & discussion are appreciated.

Playing with Rayya’s Children, one of the seeds that is available to the farmer as they level is the cactus flower. That provides all an herbalist needs. Although you can transplant wild cactus flowers near or into your town to make it even easier to harvest.

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well firstly trading isn’t the ONLY way to get resources, you can easily find bushes for berries and wild flowers to make potions. On top of that farmers DO come with flower seeds specifically the cactus flower which allows you to create potions easily. the only seeds you don’t get are silkweed seeds to grow silkweed crops. but once again you should be able to easily find groups of them around the area near water usually, just move the wild silkweed flowers to your village/camp, where ever you wish to place them and use those to get renewable silkweed.

Secondly the game claims it’s unbalanced against rayyas children but that’s only because of the fact that getting to the carpenter is significantly harder to do making your encounter with bigger boss enemies like ogo the soothsayer much much harder as you’re then forced to fight him head on rather than using the flute. beyond that Rayyas children just as balanced. it might be MORE difficult than the ascendancy but to me it’s a challenge that’s not unfair. unlike the ascendancy, with the Rayyas children i feel a sense of urgency, the clock is ticking and i need to get what i need to take on ogo the soothsayer fast knowing he’s coming ahead of time before any NPC prompts it.

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I saw that, but didn’t think it would work.

I have done a blanket harvest of the wild cactus close to me and had flowers sitting in my storage zone, and they weren’t populating the (X/X materials available) in the crafting window.

I just re-ran the game and opened my save, harvested a wild cactus, and now it shows. Must have been a temporary bug or something. I’ll keep an eye on it, but thanks for confirming that.

yeah it most definitely is a bug or something else like that because wild herbs and food are meant to work with both sides of the game.

I think they won’t count until they are in a storage/stockpile.