Rayya's Children on a desert map - Township quest problem

I’m trying out Rayya’s Children on the desert map and I’ve run into a problem after picking the township quest. I picked the quest where you have to build 3 monuments.

The problem lies with the Tapestry Monument. A trader comes every now and again and sells the required Brightbells (1 at a time) and Frostsnaps (1 at a time), BUT someone keeps using it for pots or something. My map has no Brightbells or Frostsnaps and my farmers cannot plant them either.

So occasionally I get more through the trader but have no way of locking them away from whichever hearthlings are using my very limited flowers. I also cannot place the flowers in a chest and place the chest far far away.

2/3 of my monuments are complete.

Welcome to the discourse, @seamonkey,

You don’t. The game tells you to choose a path. As soon as you fulfill all requirements for one path, simply hit the check button to continue.

Either your carpenter for flower pots or your herbalist for healing tonics, that’s the only things I can think of right now.

Hope, I was able to help you a bit.

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I know who uses the flowers. The herbalist makes pots but cant opt to not use my rare flowers in this game. So where I have a hoard of normal cactus flowers, the herbalist might use the ones I need for the last monument in the pots.

So, regardless of it being part of the quest (as I thought it was) I’d like to be able to finish the third monument anyway.

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my herbalist didnt touch them, they sat in little boxes near my flag until I placed them somewhere, at least with the ones he asked for.

At least in alpha 19, a farmer that gets to maybe 2nd lvl (I forget) will become able to grow herbs in a plot, thus freeing you from this dead-end.

Well, no, not if you play Rayya’s Children. Then you’ll actually have to wait for the traders to offer you seeds.

You can place them? Unfortunately my herbalist seems to like using these more than the cactus flowers :’)

I was unfamiliar with traders offering seeds until it happened to me in this current game. I also developed this problem with the herbalist.

My solution was to not make any more potions or bandages until the square was complete and I could build it. Not that I’ve built it yet, but at least the herbalist isn’t using those flowers to make potions with.

I had a similar problem with trying to save certain kinds of food and having the cook using them up behind my back. I finally just closed down the cooking station until those deals were done. Thankfully, nobody starved to death in the meantime.

Once you have a farmer of level 5-6 you will get traders who offer you seeds in return for something, if you complete their mini quest you get a seed box that teaches you civ how to farm those new crops.

I encountered the same mechanic when working on my Tapestry Monument.

The tl;dr part of this is : it’s a surprise because the lily and sunflowers are “Plants” and the Frostsnaps and Brightbells are “Resources”.

I had purchased the lily and gotten some sunflower in a trade mission, I guess I thought they would be potted – or plants, not individual flowers even though I had played the other clan previously – I did not watch what came in when I purchased things from the trader.

After I bought some brightbells and used half for crafting, I had to stop skilling up my Herbalist once I started purchasing the Brightbells from traders while accumulating the Frostsnaps and remainder of Brightbells. This took 1-2 in game weeks.

Thinking about it lore-wise, I don’t mind having to do this because I’m in a desert getting non-local flora, and I want to finish the monument as soon as possible (because I don’t know any better, it’s a quest sitting there in my quest log so I figure I need to do it right?). I didn’t know that later I can trade for seeds, I didn’t even have a farmer yet (I play weird).

When I did the quest I thought ‘it’d be nice if these were like the Fox Lily and Sunflower’ and were quest items – not just harvested flowers, but then that makes them more rare, I suppose. People who DO farm and can grow them would have to buy them instead of just harvest them.

I also thought ‘Hey a chest where I could store them would be nice’… A place just to put objects that I did not want to use and save them for later. But that’s a lot of coding that does not really fit with how objects are used in the game as it is.

A ‘really nice to have’ might be some sort of toggle on the craft screen to pick what flower to use but that again might be overly complex when it makes more sense to just endure a little hardship in the desert for a few in game days (it was maybe 2 game weeks tops by the time I’d gotten all the pink and blue flowers through trade?).

Anyway, much later and in retrospect, I don’t think it is a big deal … and I do know I am rambling about this. I’m now up to Growmun 16, I finished my monument maybe 2 in-game months ago, and I have not built anything yet. No buildings. So next game I probably won’t rush the monument? :wink: (Terraforming takes long.)

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