How to get more Fox Lily?

Hi there,

I play on normal mode.

I am stuck with the third buildable monument, the tapestry monument, as Rayya’s Children.
I do not get any more Fox Lily. I did get three via a quest but after that quest no other poped up.
I am now on day 8 in Rainmun.

Oh and I do not get any dusty tome too, since there was only one spawn of the graveyard :frowning:

Bug? or just no luck at all?

I had a bit of bad luck getting these items as well. Are they only obtainable from traders? Admittedly, I haven’t searched all of the map to find these things, but I haven’t found these lilies, nor sunflowers, in the wild.

So if you aren’t lucky from trader requests, it seems you are out of luck? I am not sure if this is intended, or if it simply isn’t implemented yet.

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Yeah must be luck … got four quests in a row (three at the same time) with Fox Lily as prize.
But no sunflowers so far … or tome :forlorn:

Regarding tomes, I found that I got one each time the crypt spawned. So that is very much related to RNG as well.

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Jop, that is the only source of tomes … if those crypts spawn … which they DO NOT.
And sometimes you will not get a tome :forlorn:

I’ve noticed that you can sort of ‘trigger’ the visiting traders

  • Run low on wood/stone and a trader will come offering sunflowers
  • Keep your raw-food levels low (below 20 for each type) and a trader will come offering seeds.
  • Keep your clay/fibers low and a trader will come offering weapons.

I’m not sure what the ‘trigger’ is for foxglove, or if it’s even got one, if you find it let me know, and good luck!


Did not work :frowning: I had both on 0 …

That seems like coincidence. I’ve gotten a seed trader with over 7 different stacks of raw food, all over 20 (and some over 40). I’m pretty much always low on clay and fibers (due to large clay consumption, and only harvesting fibers on demand), and I have never had a weapon trader visit. Not once, and I’m halfway through Rainmun. And I’ve gotten multiple offers for sunflowers while inundated with 300-400 stone, though admittedly I was desperately short on wood for the majority of the playthrough.

Additionally, from a game design standpoint, it would be silly to implement such a cryptic, undocumented and non sequitur system. If you want the player to be able to make requests, you add a button to the trading GUI, not add triggers related to the count of completely unrelated resources. :wink:

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Yeah … especially if questitems are needed to get/craft something progress related.

Still no sunflower quest :frowning:

The traders are all random. The only influence you have over them is unlocking tier 2 traders with the promotion of your town to tier 2.

There is two traders that have these quest items. One completely random, the other also random but with the requirement of having at least 3000 networth. So to maximize your chances to get this items, bump your networth to over 3000.

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Something else:

Could it be that the tome from the crypt only drops if you destroy the chest at night?

Nuts. I just destroyed two crypts today, one right after the other, and it was late afternoon when I started. I got one tome. It’s possible that I destroyed one chest under daylight and the other at night… but I didn’t pay attention because my cleric basically made my soldiers invulnerable anyway >__<

This at least sounds like a sensible trick that could exist. Worth testing more.

:frowning: Tested it and seems that it was just a coincident.
I have destroyed a chest at 5:56 and had no tome in it.

The big zombie that spawns with a chest can also drop the tome, not only the crypts.

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Wow, I did not know that.
But the droprate could be even worse because I think that I never got any from those.

Okay, everything seems to be totalllllllly random … which makes getting to Tier 2 with Rayya’s Childrean to a gamble.
Eventually you will get to Tier 2 but getting all three Monuments is more luck based than anything else.
Which is clearly a great disadvantage to the Ascendancy and makes playing as Rayya’s children less fun, at least for me.

I am now at year 1(I think) Hearthmun the 30th and finally got my four sunflowers to build the Tapestry Monument.
(But I wanted 2 of those :frowning: … do I have to wait for another ingame year?)

From my point of view, this has to be changed.

All three monuments luck-based? Nah. There’s one that just needs you to have high-level crafters. Potter, weaver and… uh, carpenter I think? I know it’s a pain to get a carpenter running and leveled up, but it goes a lot faster if you purchase a hoe from the caravan early-on (so you can farm your own trees, which greatly helps both blacksmith and carpenter). That way you can easily complete this one well ahead of the two others, without relying on dicerolls.

We are talking here about the Rayya’s Childrean Monuments :slight_smile: not the Ascendancy.
The Fox Lily and Sunflower for the Tapestry Monument are onlyx available via two quests which sometimes are not triggered at all or really really late in game.
Also the Monkey Shrine Monument Needs a Dusty Tome which you only can get throught the chests from the big Zombie or the Crypt.
The only Monument which is pretty “easy” to make is the Trading Goods Monument, But it is harder to build than any Ascendancy Monument … my subjective feeling.

Yes, it may be harder, because the carpenter is so hard to access and level. But it’s not luck-based, which is what I meant to comment on. You don’t need any random drop or rare trading good to build this monument.

I honestly don’t mind Rayya’s Children being a bit harder. Not only is it themely (living in the desert ain’t a stroll through lush garden Eden!), but it also means that a player who has completed a run with The Ascendancy still has something left to challenge him. :wink: