Dusty tome SHOULD BE available in temerate biome

I play alot in temperate biome with ascendancy or sometimes in desert with rayyas children. Recently I tried to switch things up. I played rayyas children in the temperate biome an tried to go for the monkey shrine.
For the monkey shrine you need 2 dusty tomes. Dusty tomes drop from necromancer Crypts. Necromancer crypts spawn if you have 6000 gold(money not net worth).
Problem: Necromancer Crypts don’t drop dusty tomes in temperate biome, only in the desert.
Thus the monkey shrine is uncraftable for rayyas children, if they are not in the desert.

ps.:I’m very sure it’s not just a very low chance to drop, because as I said before I mainly play in temerate biome. And I have never seeen a dusty tome in all of the playthroughs.


I think those drop based on kingdom, not on biome. You can also get them in Giant Zombie chests.

Well I destroyed 6 crypts with rayyas children in temperate biome. and not a single dusty tome. and I destroyed 3 crypts in my most recent world with rayyas children in the desert biome and each time a got a dusty tome.
So it seems to me to be the biome.
It should be the kingdom, but it doesn’t work for me.

Can’t say for temperate biome, as it’s been a looong time since I played RC in one, but I do know I’ve had dusty tomes drop from necromancer crypts playing with RC in in the modded Archipelago biome.

hmm. maybe I need to try again in a fresh new world completely without mods.

i am playing RC right in the desert i have 12000 gold no mods and still no dusty tome when i destroy a church

Here is a mod that will let you get the Dusty Tome as random chance loot from a Necromancer enemy, they are found at the crypt buildings. necroloot.smod (1.3 KB)
Put the mod file into the stonehearth/mods local folder.

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oke thank you

They do drop, but they are extremely rare sadly. I have had a Raya’s children town in the temperate biome, with the monkey shrine. Also, that save had no mods, and it was on an earlyer version.