Dusty Tome ? Help

Hey there, i’ve been playing rayya’s children recently and i don’t know where to find the 2 dusty tomes for the Monkey Shrine

They are supposed to be loot from the necromancer’s crypt chest.

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Didn’t see any crypt and i have 20 hearthlings

How much net worth do you have?

7827 net worth at this moment

OK. The crypt is an advanced threat, that has the chance to spawn if you have more than 6000 net worth. But the chance is random, and the chance that the tomes are in the chest is also random.

You’ll have to wait until it spawns. I’ve checked (cheating) and it is possible to get them from there. I think there’s another thread on the forum about feedback for the tier 2 quests, since for some people it feels more difficult to achieve the ingredients for one monument than for other monument.


Ok thank you ! Keep the good work !

You can also get them from the Giant Zombie’s chest