A Question About Undead Temples


Are they not meant to give loot anymore? I’ve been tearing them down for something like a couple of weeks and there’s been no dropped treasure, just stone to loot. Did @max99x do this just to mess with me?


It’s been like that, though. The drops were always from mobs or from the treasure chests. The treasure chests spawning rate did decrease a little bit. If the undead building spawns, just look for a treasure chest, if there isn’t one, you can expect there to only be drops from the mobs.


There have been no chests at all. It’s been that way for a while, but there used to be chests.


Bumping this, because NOT getting loot from the Undead Temples is making it a downright bear for me to get the dusty tomes required for Monkey’s Shrine. I’m halfway into my second year on this play through and I’ve only gotten one from a random giant zombie guarding a treasure chest. That tells me that it’s the only way I’m going to get the tomes and that zombie doesn’t pop up that often.

This is getting ridiculous.


(EDIT: Oh, and @Nikia - The mobs associated with the temples haven’t been dropping loot, either.)


I’m having the same problem with varanus spawned in a varanus nest in swamp biomes. They have loot defined in their files, it is actually the same varanus spawned in default random missions in the game, but they drop nothing. I remember an issue where critters were dropping stuff twice through the trapper, once because the trapper killed it, and once more for being killed in general, I can’t remember if that was fixed and if so, if it is the cause of the lack of loot in many entities;


I believe they said that (the trapper thing) was intentional, so I doubt they changed it. As far as I can tell, though the only place dusty_tome is referenced is in the chest_mystery_high_random loot_bag, and nothing seems to use that loot_bag unless something is combining strings somewhere to form that alias.

Edit: it looks like the RC mod adds dusty_tome as a loot drop from crypt_loot_chest and zombie_chest.


The problem is that the crypts aren’t dropping loot chests. They’re just getting destroyed and the only salvageables are hunks of stone from the destruction of the crypt itself.