Goblin Chest not Lootable

Hey again. Don’t know if it is a bug or just not implemented, but the chest in the goblin encampment is not lootable, though the tooltip suggests it should be. A quick confirmation of whether this is a bug or not would be great, then you can lock this.

I am pretty sure this is just “window dressing” at this point, but I will let others confirm…

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The chief at the goblin camp disappeared after 20 days. Now I send my people to that camp and how do I get them to open the chest?

There should be a gather command.

Are you saying there should be like it exist. Or it will exist in the future?

I wasn’t sure because I hadn’t played it yet. However, I have now played it and can say with for sure that there is a loot command. It’s under the gather menu.

There is a loot command, by it does nothing in regards to the chest. It just lets you steal their supplies.

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I destroyed a goblin village that was sitting on a cliff, half on the top and half on the bottom. The loot chest is sitting exactly on halfway off the cliff and cannot be selected with the loot icon. Is there a way to grab it?

You have to make a warrior destroy the chest

found out how too loot the big ass chest, just put a attacker on defend right be side the chest and they will break the chest and boom loot!