Looting doesn't happen

My units do not loot some items.

I killed the goblin camp and looted items. But some of them do not seem to be looting.

Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:
Looting happens
Actual Results:
No looting for a few items.

Here is save file

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System Information:

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If i remember well, i think something worked for me last time about the “far away” loots :open_mouth:

Try to pub a crate close to these item with the storage filter to “all” !

if i’m correct, people gonna put the loot in the crate !
Then put the storage filter of the crate to “none” and your villager’s gonna get back the loots in another crate or storage place in your city !

I think it worked but i’m not 100% sure about it !

Try and tell me if i was right :smiley:

EDIT : Just put a box close to the loots and call the loot order one more time :smiley:
The worker gonna get it and take it back to the crate, then just moove the crate to your city :smiley:

It happened in my game and doint it properly make me get the loot back to the city :smiley:

As you can see there is a box close. They did not pick it up.

I’m so f****ng blind ! Don’t mind me i’m a real idiot :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, i’m sorry :confused: it worked for me with a wooden crate !
There is no reason it would not work with this too, so it’s really a bug :o

I still have this issue myself it gets worse if you are deep in the hearthlings 30+.I pause all buildings and stop mining chopping everything.Then save and reload rehighlight them for looting and dig or chop a tree near by.They run over and pick it up for me.Hopefuly it works for you.(2699)

It’s day 22 and i’ve begun destroying goblin camps and a couple wolf camps etc. When I select the items for my Hearthlings to loot, the item appears with a loot symbol, but they dont make any effort to go pick it up. they all have jobs that they do, they arent just idling, but even when I put their jobs on hold (suspend mining or building), they just go to idle and still don’t collect any loot.

Hearthlings have begun to loot items slowly. I did nothing but wait. Still, if you have any experience with it, please share in case it happens again!

Same problem only they won’t loot even after being idle for days.

I can relate. Raided some goblin camps as well, and some of the loot they’d collect, some they wouldn’t. Seems like the further it’s away the higher the chance it won’t be collected.

I believe someone else mentioned earlier that theres a limit to how far they will go for any job… i think it was like 65-70 blocks away or something.

Hmm. I could see that feature being implemented, but it doesnt make sense causs my Hearthlings eventually began to loot the items. I dont know what triggered it. Not all of the items are looted but every once in a while, they will go collect a dozen more logs from a clear-cut area or something

hi there, i had the same problem and my guess is that the engine can’t manage many workers. I had 8 workers for 18-20 people and they wouldnt pick stuff; i reduced their numbers to 6 and they began gathering again. Maybe it’s not the number of workers but haulers in general, if your carpenter or mason has nothing to do and it’s then that problems occur. The game might have a hard coded limit for AIs on one type of task?

My personal experience is they tend to loot last.They will do everything else 1st then go loot.
I can get hearthlings to do all tasks even on the other side of the map.They do have object placement issues the farther they get away from beds and food.The last latest I was running still had the issue.It’s not to bad close to camp but farther away.They will never pick it up without doing some crazy method.

I don’t know if this is being patched or worked but I’m still having the same problem.
I have activated the auto loot button but still they don’t pick them up.
@bloodist what you were saying about they loot at last I think its false, I have 1 or 2 heartlings workers that only haul and basically they don’t pick them.