Modded : Mission loot unlootable?

Hi everyone !

I’m coming here for a little (but quite annoying) bug, which i’m sure is related to one of the mods i have.
I’m running Stonehearth with Anorien Biome, Better Stockpile and Patrol point mods, and now, i notice that my heartlings didn’t loot any mission related loot :

  • Goblin crane
  • Broken Chime
  • Scout hat
    I could move them, but my heartlings never take them back to my inventory (even if they don’t have anything to do).
    In my first game, in native, i didn’t have this problem (but get reckt by Ogo), then i look for some mods, and now, i’m quite stuck with the gong.

Do anyone got the same problem with one or all these mods ?

Nice day to all !

Better Stockpiles is the likeliest culprit. Try removing that mod and seeing if they will then loot the items. If that is the case, then @Shinsaka has something new to fix.

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The Scout Hat should go to the Trophies stockpile, with or without BS. I can’t find the other two items, which mod do they come from ?


And by unlootable you mean that you ordered them to loot it (the loot icon appears above the item) and they didn’t get it? Or even ordering the loot it is not being marked too loot?
Also, there is an option where you can enable or disable autoloot. If it is disable, you need to manually mark each item you want them to loot.

Besides that, there is also the problem with performance, where if it is not good they would take ages to recognize an item that is very far from the camp.

Oh, and you need a stockpile with the correct filter to store them (or one with no filter, “all” marked), and available space to store, else they will not take action.

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Sorry for the delay.

I have to format my HDD, so i lost my previous save, but with my new, i didn’t install BS, and no problem.
But i cannot remember if i allow one of my stockpile to get Trophy. . . So i was maybe just stupid ><