Hearthlings do not loot/bring back items from mobs

My hearthlings were looting items drops by mobs at first but now they refuse to do it, if they dont have something to do, they stay near the fire pit and wait, even if i’ve asked to collect items over the world. I’m not talking about harvesting, but only looting on mobs.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Kill mobs/destroy buildings.
  2. Auto-looting/ask to collect items.
    3)Wait that they do.

Expected Results:
Collecting items and bring them back to storage zones.
Actual Results:
They dont. They wait for something else to do and ignore the task.
Everything was working fine until something (i dont know what) happen and now they refuse to collect loots from mobs.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 17 and Anorien map mod.
System Information:

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hey, @rynzzler. welcome to the discourse :slight_smile:

do you have a save file where this is occurring? if so, could you upload it here?

you may need to host it on a cloud sharing site like google drive or dropbox and then paste the link here if you do not have permissions yet

The save of my world is enough ? maybe i can share it then

Here are the files in question, this is the world in which my bug appear.

Maybe a file will take a time to be upload.

The pathfinding is quite loaded, since the city is pretty big and the loot is far away.

I loaded your save with the Anorien mod and a couple workers went to pick the loot short after.

It might take time for them to find a path to the loot. Have you tried reloading the save, or quitting and restarting the game to see if they go?

Yeah, i tried to reload the save and the game, but the loot stay night after night, they do not pick it. Maybe something stop them to found the path but nothing appear. They dont try, like if it was out of range.