Undead crypts spawning chance?

i am new to the hole enemy base spawning thing and i would like to know how often those undead crypts spawn. i loved it when they added goblin camps. do they spawn late game or early game or randomly. im just wondering about it for my lets play.

I’m not sure if this has been fixed yet (I haven’t played lately), but it seemed to be pretty random last month.
I only saw 1 spawn over the course of a few games, but some people on the forums were having 5 spawn on top of eachother in a single night.

thanks for the info. i just was wondering if they where anything like the goblin camps. cause most of the time. they would spawn on night 4 for me.

The Necromancer Crypt won’t spawn until you reach a net worth of 6000. After that, there’s a 20% (daily) chance that it will appear.


I’ve gotten a town to 7000 net worth and have still never once seen a crypt ingame…:confused:

Right now, the spawning of camps also depends on whether it can find a suitable location that is far enough from your town and that your hearthlings can path to. This mechanism will continue to be tweaked and later we will have it so some camps can spawn without necessarily needing to be pathable.