Crypt Appears Too Soon

Pretty sure this is a bug, but not 100%. Have my necro crypt showing up when I’m still dealing with goblins.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Take forever to finally attack goblins.
  2. Unknown…

Expected Results:
Necro follows story line.

Actual Results:

Version Number and Mods in use:
Develop-2881 (x64)

Thats no bug, thats great, so you dont have the work ^^
No in real, the crypt is a encounter like the ents, it apears if it apears.

You’re probably quite ‘advanced’ in the game for it to be popping up. I got my first crypt at around 16 hearthlings IIRC.

Haven’t gotten any storyline stuff from the crypt though. It just appears and spawns some skeletons/zombies/lich

Confirmed by a TR member that Crypt shows up 20% chance per night when your net worth reaches 6000.


Appreciate it guys. Thought it came after the wolves.

I think the chances are a little higher than originally thought…


I had a second one once spawn within a minute of me destroying the first… didn’t know this was possible!! Wait till night, see what happens! :skull:

as others have said, this isn’t a bug, as the crypts just come after you have reached a certain net worth, regardless of your position in the “story” of the game.

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