Stealing goblin firepit breaks game

So I decided to mess with the goblins in a game.

There was only a hearth tender and that wicked firepit was so tempting to steal. So I took it.

Unfortunately, the spawned goblin raiders just stand there now and my hearthlings light the wicked firepit as if it was their own.

Hey @athenalras, what version of the game are you running? Alpha 11 or 12?

Paging @8BitCrab or @Relyss, pretty sure this is a bug report…

Whatever is the latest version.

The bug is that skeletons don’t show up and goblins just cower in fear. Nobody attacks my hearthlings and my hearthlings don’t fight back either.

Funny situation is, I order my hearthlings to defend themselves when they got into close proximity for stealing the hearth. And what happened is that both the hearth tender and the hearthling just cowered at each other and ran away.

Although there is no official pop-up bug, I think it may have to do with the water-canal bug since that bug (2630) also doesn’t let water flow after digging.

The skeletons are a different threat / campaign than the goblins, they should not be related, but maybe something broke and it’s affecting them, yes.

Where? In your stolen firepit or in the center of the goblin camp (without the firepit) ?

You looted the wicked firepit when the amenity was set to neutral/friendly with the goblins (as in, they won’t attack you). So now it belongs to you, and it can be used as your own firepit (I’ve seen screenshots of other players that also did that).

The problem is if there’s still goblins around and whether the encounter has been broken or not. Someone can confirm?

That’s the same bug that’s been around forever. Remember footmen going insane and fighting each other? When @Albert fixed it, he left the part where you were still able to loot the goblin’s firepit even though it doesn’t belong to you. Doing that is bad, because the only way to disable the goblins spawn point is to destroy the firepit.

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Skeletons used to appear first in my games. In another normal game, both skeletons and goblins failed to show up but that was an earlier release of 12.

The spawned goblins spawn at their designated zoning area without the firepit. The firepit respawns but the goblins still fail to move anywhere.

Basically, campaigns aren’t working very well for me as it does for some other people.

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