[Res] Invisible Goblins? Hearthlings killing themselves?

So I ran into a really really strange bug earlier while playing. I had killed off the goblins, but their firepit hadn’t been destroyed yet, not wanting to leave anything half finished, I decided to send some of my soldiers over to investigate. Well, when they got over there, they started fighting…something, maybe it was an invisible goblin, maybe one stuck in the ground, I actually can’t tell at all. But for a moment I thought they might have been attacking themselves o.o They were running around randomly, hitting stuff, all the while their health went down. Then they died, but one of them leveled up right after she died, which almost lead me to think they were attacking themselves? I have no idea, the goblins and combat are just so buggy it’s hard to tell. It’s also really hard to move your soldiers in and just say ‘clear this camp’, I wish it were easier to do that.

Also the camps keep spawning on cliffs, which can be majorly annoying.


I don’t know if this is similar but when I destroyed everyone at a goblin camp new goblin kings twice appeared out of no where. Meaning once I killed everyone even the king. I got a note saying it is over. Then a new king appeared, killed him. Then another new one appeared.

I can reproduce this bug too,
Hearthling-Footmen seem to kill eachother and when alone, they suicide with their own hammer.

Equipped with:
Stonehammer, Wooden Shield, Padded Vest

Alpha 9 .240 x 64

I Have this problem as well. I killed the Goblin King, destroyed everything except for the firepit, which is no located near my town. when I turn on Town Defense mode, numerous villagers will start to attack something near the goblin firepit, and lose health.

I initially had to move the goblin firepit because the goblins were all spawning on top of it, and maxing out the pathfinder thread. Once I moved the firepit, the goblins sprang to life, and joined the fight. This is a separate bug report I will file, but I added it here in case they were related.

Hint! This firepit can damage your hearthlings, so maybe its related?

@sdee, @ponder, @Tom ?
Sorry, but I don’t remember quite well the behavior that the goblin’s firepit is supposed to have. Is it treated as an enemy? Can it damage your hearthlings even if it’s not lit? :confused:

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Anything with a health score, that is also hostile, is something the hearthlings will attack. Why the firepit attacks BACK… is a mystery to me too, I’m afraid. Much like: why did people die hitting sheep? It’s very weird.

Back while we were working on enterprise software, this sort of thing would definitely be a bug. THESE days we can just pretend that the game is developing features all on its own! :smiley:


It´s not a bug, it´s a feature… ^^
Very good. :grinning:

When I play the goblin campaign, the first thing I do, is deploying the firepit, that the warrirors don´t spawn into eachother … so in my case it should not have been the firepit killing my soldiers.

It really looks like there was an invisible threat, or it was an threat spawned in the nirvana above or below the ground.
@sdee sdee Do you check the z-axis for attacks/hitbox? might be reproducable for towns on a higher level too, if the goblins are downstairs, will they attack the hearthlings hiding in the upper floors?


I was afflicted with the ‘misplaced fog of war’ bug, and decided to do a little more digging on this. I turned on town defense, and everybody went nuts. They started attacking the air 4 blocks south of the goblin fire pit as a group, but they rapidly separated all over the map when they started cowering or fleeing.

Oddly, I noticed in the character menu that they all stated they were attacking themselves!

(Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself… :smirk:)

Imgur Screenshot

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:no_mouth: the zombie virus has mutated? how horrible!! :anguished:

They need more love, I’m sure they are so traumatized by the goblin hordes that they don’t want to live in Stonehearth any more…

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Defeated the goblins…

then my soldiers started attacking each others, and killed themselves.
Last man standing then started to fight an imaginary enemy and eventually died.

Now, when I create a new solider they will march about, but as soon as I do any combat, they kill themselves.

No one can know about the goblins…

Did this happened around the goblins firepit? Or at least in the goblins camp?
(Just to discard possible causes…)

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Indeed, we have received some reports than can confirm this. :smile:

But this is my last report check today and can’t merge it :persevere:

(it’s too late… I have to leave… )

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They killed themselves? Are you sure there weren’t sheep involved?



[quote=“Relyss, post:2, topic:11446”]
But this is my last report check today and can’t merge it
[/quote]@Relyss did you forget? :stuck_out_tongue: or am i just making a fool of myself with this comment…

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Has anyone had their workers (or really any of them) go to the goblin camp to warm around the fire and then be promptly killed?

Thank you very much for reminding me :smile:

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well i was just skimming through thread and saw that, thought i should remind you :smile:

Don´t know if this is a bug or a glitch, but if a heartling dies inside or near a goblin camp other workers will join his/her fade of death when they try to recover the tool or inventory items of the dead hearthling.

I lost 3 hearthlings now…

A workaround is to join them in a party and set the defend-flag…but it´s not really great to ring the bell all the time…ideas?

Edit: spelling mistakes :flushed:

believe this is the same,

could be wrong though. @SteveAdamo @Relyss could merge if it is.