Multiple bugs in Alpha 9

I have multiple bugs that I have seen recently in my most recent game most to do with the goblins

-My Hearthlings run into the goblin camp randomly for no reason and just get killed
-The Goblin are stuck on top of their fire pit
-the whole screen flashes black when any light turns on so at night it flashes black
-When heartkhlings die it doesnt take the out of the number of populating so basically it if i had 15 people and one dies it says i still have fifteen and charges me if so to get another person
-Whenever any hearthlings go near the goblins it says they’re raiding.
-ghost workbench, when I put down my carpenter’s workbench it put another down in a separate location for no reason

Thats it for now some are worse than others, but they all should be addressed.

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do you know what could be the cause of any of these? if you can get some reproduction steps for them, and are able to fill out a bug report, im sure it would help. heres the bug report template,

also welcome aboard, or at least welcome to the convo.

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I might be able to advise for a couple of these bugs that you’ve encountered.

Potentially there may be a tool or some resources there from a formerly killed Hearthling there, and they’re trying to collect it.

This one you give it time, wait it out. They’ll hop off the fire pit when they go to attack you. (if the chief is dead, I’m fairly positive the next wave of goblins shouldn’t respawn on there)
As far as I can tell, it’s supposed to be set up this way for the time being.

Not neccesary, It happened to me too while experimenting for the other bug, and none of my people died… I had to raid the camp and destroy it to completelly stop them.

@Wolfie127, did you loot something that the goblins were previously stealing from your camp, but that was left on the way because you kill the raiders?

No I was reading something and I think they were trying to sit by the goblins fire pit, but since the goblins were on top of it they got wrecked.