Feedback Request: About the goblin campaign

Here Is my experience with Goblins and Zombies since latest patch to A10.

First few days I reach about 1500 net worth or day 3 I start seeing a few Zombies or the small camp of Goblins (2 workers and 1 troop) at the time I normally have one fighter myself and rushed to get a Stone maul because the wood sword does close to nothing in terms of damage.

About day 8 I reach a worth of 3000+ and the camp spawns. I normally agree to pay while a train a few more footmen I form a party of 3 and attack before they ask for the payment a day later. but doing so promotes a bug because even if I kill them the dialog event still comes up a day later and I have to deny and pay up. I normally deny and defend myself.

Zombies tend to show up every few nights but defending myself from them is a little to easy. I’d like to see Zombies in larger numbers like 6-8 depending on how many days in you are or set net worth. Their movement speed is a bit to slow. Depending on how much I’ve explored they spawn to far away to arrive at my village before daybreak. Damage is perfect heath is right where I feel it should be at over all I’m pretty happy with Zombies just would like to see more horde tactics to them. (I love that they attack goblins its both funny and makes sense)

Wolf encounters are hard due to their speed. I get fair warning for the first one but you don’t get a warning the 2nd or 3ed time and sometimes I miss the camp being setup. when they do get to attack you before you notice I sometimes lose someone because they attack the same person at the same time leaving little room to save that person.

I fell they could be improved by adding warnings like (the forest animals has grown quite) or you hear howling in the distance. Also maybe add that if one is attacking a target the others in the party look for the next closest target.

Goblin thieves I don’t really see anymore. I think they could be really cool if they could climb your walls or terrain (ie cliffs and such) I don’t think they should be able to swim tho that just seems like something goblins can’t do. what I would like to see is them have grappling hooks or hand claws to scale walls and they they to steal your items. I feel you shouldn’t get a warning unless your hearthling sees them in the act and if you attack them they should fight back with tiger claw weapons or have smoke bombs they let them teleport a fair distance away.

I have an issue with Goblin workers running really far before stopping to cower in fear I feel its far different for your hearthlings because they stop almost right away and are easily killed because of it also as they are running away from you none of my hits land they make a bunch of swings at them but none of them land even though it makes the noise and particle effect of a hit.

Wild wolves these should be a thing they would attacked if approached I would make them tame-able by a trapper (if they get caught in a trap made for them maybe something for a higher level trapper). If you have sheep they would go after them and they would be able to hop fences. Your shepherd would have to ward them off when they attack your sheep. During the winter time they would get more desperate for food and attack Hearthlings.

Goblin Camps: they are a bothersome because I don’t like how they destroy they land because I can’t replant trees that I liked or planed to build around and I can’t fill in the holes they make with grass again. In the future id like to see them setup their camps by walking into the map with the chief marching along with a few guards and a few workers all carrying supplies and then they clear some room to make their camp and build it. This would give me time if I was paying attention to stop them from ruining anything I like in the first place and would also be really neat. Also I’d like for maybe every so often to be able to coexist with them maybe have a peaceful tribe they wants to get away for the whole goblin culture and live with you but that makes other goblins mad so they rally to attack you and kill the goblin betrayers. If you manage to defend them they become workers and live with you in your city. That would be really cool.

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i… i … i cant express how awesome this is :open_mouth:

The new goblin campaign changes resulted in me getting a new pet! Look at it, so cute sitting by my camp fire!

It went like this: A small camp spawn, goblins die, they drop their loot and i loot it with the loot-command. Second camp spawn, goblins dispatched, loot is dropped, however i forget to loot it - until the big goblin camp spawn. I agree to being peaceful/neutral and they send 3 workers out to “reclaim” their fallen comrades possessions, I however manage to loot 2 of 3 items while goblin workers are in running. One goblin return to their camp with a log the other two starts idling at my camp :smiley: They stand/walk around there doing their idle animations until nightfall when one of them got homesick and runs back to his friends to start their camp fire, one last goblin remains a neutral refugee with my hearthlings. :smile:


An ambient sound warning of wolves howling would be awesome when they spawn. Super creepy and it would make me go all paranoid and stuff :smiley:


This needs to happen! But maybe without the harnesses, and much later in the game.


Omg, is this now a thing?

2 thieves, 3 raiders (i think) AND the chieftain (and a couple of workers) attacked me! Well the chief went up the ladder into my stockpile while my one footman kited the raiders away and i promoted 2 more footmen which sent the chief into idle mode and he slowly wandered back to his village. I killed them all and as I was chasing the last workers ANOTHER party of 4 raiders spawn in the big village and a few seconds after the “A goblin appears!” notice appeared with a tiny camp spawned (camp fire, stockpile, worker and a raider? on the other side of my village! Its full on warfare! And they are cheating! x) Nah, dont get me wrong, its kinda cool and REALLY challenging even if it feels mistuned! ^^

Yup. Sleeping on the floor next to comfy beds after a hard night fighting. Wonder if they are drunk much.


I have a suggestion, what if you guys implemented a way for goblins to scale cliffs by having the worker goblins build, say bone ladders to get up different y levels.


Well, that’s a new one. I won the goblin campaign … on accident … because the zombies killed the cheiftan. :stuck_out_tongue:

And that totally froze the campaign. The goblins are now wandering around (including in my town!), I can’t attack them, and I can’t attack their base. In fact, I have three goblin firepits next to mine. :stuck_out_tongue:


After taking out the goblin camp, I told my villagers to move that awesome skull fire pit into my town. A grizzly trophy of sorts. They did, then my footmen went crazy and started attacking it, only it wouldn’t die. They then wandered around attacking the air and occasionally being damaged themselves until they both died.
I told the villagers to remove the apparently haunted “wicked fire pit”, but they just ignored it.

I don’t know if we aren’t supposed to be able to move around the goblin buildings; but moving it really messed the footmen up.


firstly, welcome to the discourse @Hearthling :smile:

secondly, it is a known thing that the fire pit causes hearthlings to go crazy and kill themselves, whether it is a bug or not im uncertain.

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Just wanted to make sure it was known.
No more skull fire pits for me than.


I think it would be interesting if they actually kept this functionality but a warning popped up when you tried to move it. Something along the lines of “You get an eerie and unsettling feeling about trying to move this. Are you sure you want to?”


ive kinda been thinking the same thing, i like how it makes your footmen go beserk, it seems more of a feature then bug (if TR actually considers it a bug…)

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Try turning on defense mode. That sometimes gives them the extra nudge in the courage stat to get them to fight.


that sounds like it should go into the player survival tips thread :wink:


Goblins and undead have a love-hate relationship…


I didn’t have any problems with the goblins 0-0. Besides the wolves attacking my soldiers after I free them.

I do hope that you are still taking answers and suggestions about the campaign?

There have been a lot of updates and changes to the game recently which means the issues I was experiencing with the campaign have been solved (I’m a moat builder) and so I’ve played through the campaign a few times over the weekend. Great work TR :smile:

Do you give them tribute?
I did on the first play through, but the chief asks for more each time and “randomly” picks from the stockpile, so I did not on subsequent plays through.

If there were other options, maybe cold hard cash or able to select the resources that I wanted to give away so that I don’t give away things I might need later on / just bought from the store but not equipped / deployed that would be awesome :smile:(it would feel like I’m bargaining)

Do they murder all your people?
Unprepared yes, I was murdered when saying no, I will not pay and trying to attack first! After some careful planning and preparation not so much. I like that you can buy good enough weapons to get through the first bit, and it gets a bit easier after that because of drops; especially since I’d not crafted good stuff yet as I’d spent the time moat building.

Did you feel sufficiently warned about them?
I think you mean the wolf waves (spoilers), and I think that you’ve got this right now :smile:

How many footmen do you usually muster to drive off the threat, if that is what you choose to do?
I’ve usually recruited four by the end of the campaign.

Peaceful options, I’m not sure about these in general as its hard to keep it interesting.

I have some ideas specific to the campaign:

For the start of the campaign could the ransom be bigger and the text change to be “more threatening” if you have no / weak soldiers? This way you could get to the point where your forces are matched / greater (you’ve still got to defend against the undead so could level up) and the text gets “less threatening” and then he could “run away” without the need for an actual boss fight if strong enough?

Or give the option to pay him off permanently (or for a long time), if you did well enough? He could come back stronger, as you’d given him the money to buy shiny things. You could get a warning from Mr Burlyhands saying that you made him stronger, so he’s your problem now!!

Or finally, hire mercenaries (or another goblin boss) to defend you / attack the camp? (while not strictly peaceful, it means that the player could have no / weak soldiers).

I see (in getting the name of Mr Burlyhands without playing the campaign) you’ve changed the campaign in the latest build, so I’ve not had a chance to play through (again) yet, so some of this may have changed already, and I’ll edit appropriately once I’ve had a chance to play through again.


No mayor problem with the first raids, just make two parties, one with 4 footmen ans the other one with the rest of the town, send then after the goblins raiding your town, if any footmen gets killed, promote workers until you have 4 again and send everything against the goblin chief and the goblin village.

Of course, if many of your townspeople dies, everyone will start running and screaming and you will wipe.

For the wolves, i don’t know, because I always rush to them as soon as the village appears, they never get a chance to attack me.

If you get the chance to put fences around your town early in the game, its quite funny how the goblins start to stack around your place, this is quite useful for leveling footmen!

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I would definitely like to see more varied quests. Maybe even adding the other factions on the same map as either friendly or enemy. That might be yet to come but these campaigns are promising starts, just more would be cooler than the same things repeated as @FerretBandit said