[Dup] Bug with goblin spawn/ghost goblins

I came across an extremely interesting bug today while playing. I started a normal game and a few days in the goblin leader showed up, I kept him full of item she wanted for 3 cycles before he finally demanded things I could not provide. I noticed that the goblin camp was spawned half on a cliff, half off. goblins spawned in attack mode (had the sword thought bubble) but couldn’t actually reach me because they spawned on top of their wicked fire pit. I eventually got the pit to undeploy, sent soldiers over, and they killed the goblins without any resistance, except from the leader. However I then decided to re-deploy the fire pit on the ground. This is where things get…interesting. if I send soldiers over to the firepit, they start fighting invisible things… I don’t know what they are fighting, but it seems a fight they can’t win, no matter how well geared or how many I send over, they will die. But then my workers can gather their gear and tombstones without being harmed at all, and the cycle can repeat.

I also noticed that Tombstones says X’s tombstone when undeployed, but have the proper names when set out in the world.

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