Goblin camp spawning locations?

I don’t know if this is a bug notice, a suggestion, or a complaint.

But I just had a goblin camp spawn underground, right next to my ore Stockpile. I mean, one square away. A few game days earlier, one spawned immediately outside the fence to my farm.

They just … suddenly existed. One minute, my workers are dropping down ore. The next second, there’s two goblins, a wolf, and a campfire just sitting there, amongst my supplies.

I feel like maybe there should be a limit as to how close to your area/Hearthlings/constructions that enemies can spawn?


I had a skeleton spawn right beside my campfire last night. My poor hearthlings were relaxing around it at the time and I only noticed it because they were suddenly all fleeing lol. It seems like they’ve made an adjustment to spawns with this build

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Yeah, I’ve tried to construct my villages like fortresses, but it didn’t really do any good - enemies spawned right in my supply areas underground.

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