[NaB] Monsters Spawned in mined out areas

While mining out a mountain a spawn of 4 goblins appeared in one of the mined areas. I think because of the amount of space in the mined mountain the the game engine thinks it’s outside? It’s happened plenty of times before with invaders as well.

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i dont believe this is a bug, as small goblin camps goblins/undead can spawn in any area, as long as its a certain distance from your camp standard.

unless the goblins were actually supposed to spawn on the top of the mountain (above the mined area) and the spawn “fell” to the lowest “Y” axis, then that would be a bug.

but i still dont think this is a bug. @SteveAdamo @Relyss whats your thoughts on this?


agreed… mobs spawning within caves is perfectly normal… in the context of this game… :smile:


Yah I’ve had this problem too. I wish their was a way to make an area safe for your villagers, instead of just your base area because i often treat mined areas as housing and storages like cavemen. Sometimes, zombies/skeletons would often spawn on top of trees and walk right into my base as a shortcut instead of climbing up the ladders or stairs that i have created.


It would be cool if lights lowered the chance of undead spawn like minecraft



Say I build a pathway all throughout the tunnels I mined. Will the Undead/Goblins still spawn?

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im not sure how it works now, but goblins used to not be able to spawn within a certain distance of stuff you built, but that was before undead…


They still have some code for calculating a convex hull around the stuff you own. They can use that to spawn things outside of your built up region. IIRC, the problem was that you could create a convex hull that filled the entire region/level you were set up in/on by building out far enough. The goblins would have nowhere they could spawn and actually reach your village from. This would be a problem for the gm campaign.

They must have gone for the current implementation as a stop-gap measure until they can create a more complex system that handles all the edge cases better.


Mobs spawning inside of player created caves is normal? Seem odd to me, lol.

Maybe in the future we could have unique monsters spawn in mines! For example, mole-gremlin things could spawn out of tunnels you make, and, if they have caves in the future, this could be expanded to bats and undead miners! (Like in Pandemic’s render)

I think a rare chance of it happening is fine as it makes people consider defenses outside of just one spot.

I think light or pathways lowering the chance or stopping mobs would be a nice compromise.

Gravestones could increase the spawn of some mobs ie haunted graveyard

This is just the current behavior. Probably in the future they will change the spawn system again to create a better experience.

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It’s probably the boogy man spawning below my villagers’ beds.

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Hi everyone!

After running 4 different worlds, I got some kind of a plan for an easy start, this includes having a cave for easy early stone and gold storage. My town usually is surrounded by stone fences, so goblins are not much of a problem, but the undeads keep spawning inside the caves / storage, I tried to light the area with the wall mounted lanterns but this did not work, the cave dimensions are 20 x 60.

Is is normal behavior or some bug?


This is, unfourtanetly, at the current moment, normal behavior. maybe you could post a gaurd or two outside the mine?

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First, thanks for the fast response!

since I always get the msg of the invasion, its not much of a problem, but if I decide to make a whole town underground its gonna be kind of painful.

But its kind of ok, because there is no place absolutely safe, and that keeps the game fun :smile:

could be coincidence but I always place wall mounted lanterns in my mining caves and the spawning stopped there
(they still spawn overground or in unlit caves)

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Undead spawn randomly inside the mine, as if it were “free” tiles, so sometimes they just spawn in the middle of our underground city.

well technically underground “citys” arent considered buildings by the game, so its still like they were just spawning in a “mine”.