Goblin and assorted nasties spawn placements ?Bug?

I like making tunnels (had to have been a dwarf in a past life), and while constructing my hearthling’s cave dwellings and building up population you have the encounters, entlings or tiny golems and then the start of the goblin stuff, but when carving out caves the encounters spawn in UN-accessible area:



The issue I have is that since they are the aggressors shouldn’t they spawn having access to your camp?
why do my hearthlings have to build a way to the bad guys, they want to kill us! if we wait they just get bigger and bigger with more spawns then all hell breaks loose if when you do build something to them.

This seems like intended purposes such as “surrounding the enemy”; On my play through I’ve seen enemies spawn outside of areas accessible to my town or directly inside my town and they usually always spawn in the same 8 or 10 places.

sorry for the late reply… :sweat_smile: but this kinda seems like ab ug to me, as i was pretty sure the spawning changes made awhile back fixed enemy’s spawning without access to your town… :thinking:

err… who was it who worked on that spawning stuff, @Albert?

@Unatan2 Are those stairs (in the red box)?:

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Even if baddies spawn somewhere inaccessible, or more frequently, outside of the range where your hearthlings normally go, they will just despawn after a little while. Don’t worry about them, it’s not like they will exist forever until you find a way to get to them, swarming you all at once.

Yeah, I used im to put them there, was fed up with them spawning where it wasn’t possible for them to attack, long since stopped that map