Spawn Locations

I have noticed on hills where there are sections of land which have no direct path back to my town town enemies and new hearthlings will spawn there.

Maybe before spawning some type of check to ensure there is pathing to the campfire or flag?

Screenshot here:

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They spawn up there because at one point you had a ladder up to that level (I can see you completely removed that part of the hill). Enemies/hearthlings will spawn at levels that you, at one point or another, had access to but don’t anymore. You can fix this I guess by adding a ladder far away from your base so that enemies/ Hearthlings can get down.

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so that section has never been connected, its always been missing a few squares and I’ve never had a ladder attached to it. Though I intend to get there eventually…

It may be because of the corner here:

It looks like it is 1x1 square away from being connected

There is a gravestone there, what happened?

That is an odd space for a hearthling to spawn… Shame they didn’t make it. I’ve noticed some odd spawning behaviors myself, although have not had it in a while now. This is most certainly a bug… I think it was Albert those things… Someone correct me if I am wrong.

But yeah that should not be happenning, at least the hearthling spawning. The mob spawning is somewhat getting tuning I believe; so there are probably still some bugs or unexpected results.

You on A17 (3013)? If not what version? That would be useful to know for the devs.

hmm… i was pretty sure there already was a check… paging @Albert

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If you see a spawn location that looks odd, try to save the game right after the spawn so I can take a look. Thanks!


But also, when you set your basement main flag into a mine tunel and when you accept a deal from a merchant sometimes dealed items will appear at the top of the flag, on the top of the moutain… weird. Me or my hearthlings have never accessed there yet.

Wish new Hearthlings would just spawn at the Blue Flag.

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New Hearthlings sometimes spawn on top of the moutain later in the game, they will need stairs to join party.

Personally, I always find it really satisfying when a villager gets spawned somewhere inconvenient, but that’s entirely because I humanize the crap out of them and love roleplaying they’re some stranded traveler that joined the town on accident.

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