New Hearthling Spawn Problems

I’ve had Hearthlings spawn in places where it was impossible for them to get to the settlement. Generally on the tops of mountains or rock outcroppings

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a settlement up to population 12+
  2. Observe spawn locations of new Hearthlings
    3)Hey! That Hearthling is on top of a mountain!

Expected Results:
I expect Hearthlings to spawn in at a location where they can reach my settlement on their own power.
Actual Results:
Usually after my population exceeds 12 I have random new Hearthlings spawn in at locations where they cannot reach the settlement and if I don’t notice this they starve and die. My 17th Hearthling is the most frequent one to have this problem.


Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods.
Stonehearth 0.14.0(release 524) x64 build
System Information:

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That happens quite often to me too, usually when I select pitfire location near the mountains. After a while my area looks like a level of good old lode runner :smiley:

hey there @djreptile, welcome to the discourse :smile:

thanks for the report, this has been a problem for quite awhile now and has been reported multiple times.

i seem to recall hearing that it will be changed so that the game checks to see if the spawn point is path-able to your town, but i could just be going crazy…

As far as I know this should be true for monster spawns too and they got stuck pretty often :smiley:

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Thanks for the report. The spawning code is fixed in Alpha 15. A15 is reasonably stable if you want to hop over to the steam latest branch.