New hearthlings spawn in inacessible location

In my current game (dev-2283 x64 on Win 8.1) it happened to me twice already, that a newly spawned hearthling appears on the rim of a cliff with no way to get off of there. Luckily for them, my ladder-builders came up with a swift solution. :wink:

This hasn’t happened to me before, so maybe there is a problem related to my game right now. It is a regular game, with the only specialty (to my perception) that I started the game on the peak of a mountain (and both my standard and firepit are still there), so maybe that screwed with the spawner?

Two screenshots for clarification:


I just had one spawn in a tree and I didn’t realize it until he’d died. :frowning:

Strike that. My Capenter decided to go experience death by tree climbing somehow.


I have a hearthling that spawned on top of a lantern attached to a building with no way to get them down. They sleep up there, get hungry, and will eventually die.

You should be able to build a ladder up to him, I think.

That looks like the other bug that is reported elsewhere, but if you say that the hearthling spawned there, I’ll believe you :disappointed_relieved:

Poor things, don’t let them starve…

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I can not find the thread for this but I know there was one around…
New Hearthlings appearing on top of trees…

It just happened.

I know there was one for undead and possibly goblins on trees. Let me look around for a bit…

I, too, can’t find it. I found this:
But I feel like there’s more. This is a job for a moderator, I think.


wow, that’s an ooooold bug… but oddly enough, I cant find any of the original reports either… :confused:


happened to me a few times, dint think much of it, seems to only happen with small oak trees?
maybe it happends becouse the height of that tree is exactly the same as ground level to the right(like the game looks for a valid spawn point on that height)


Yes, I was thinking exactly the same.

Thinking out loud another reasonable explanation would be that since some objects are stackable, like fences, maybe the game engine reads the tree and the hearthlings as two objects and does not include any reason why is NOT to happen in their logic.
Like maybe there’s not a denayal for this rule to happen.
In this case I guess we should see other objects running into trees, were goblins reported too, right?
And are hearthling reports about spawning on top of other objects?

Hope it helps.

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I’ll merge to a close enough one…

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