Giant zombie in my mine

I don’t really know how to explain this and i think this is a little silly, but i had a giant zombie spawn in my mine and almost killed all of my citizens in the mine, so what do all of you people think about this? I personally think that it would be nice if they restricted the spawns of these kind of things to above ground at least, i mean earlier in this game i had three wolves spawn in the another mine directly above this one.


this is defiantly a new one for me . I have seen a lot of amusing and annoying spawns and placements on were things spawn but this one is probably the strangest


any ideas on this one?

not sure what you want me to say, considering that the game is working how it should be here… :stuck_out_tongue:

but i do agree, that it would be nice if enemy spawns were limited to certain areas, only enemy i think should be able to spawn underground would be the stone golems (all sizes), make it be more like they are attacking you because you’re destroying their home.


ah was not sure if there was a bug or not

some sort of detection could be useful. close to the main settlement , houses with beds, stockpiles/crates/ect that would prevent monster spawns

there currently is a detection, it scans a certain radius around the starting banner, but thats not necessarily the largest of spaces… would be nice if we could expand it

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if i understand the spawn algorithm on the right way, they spawn not in a radius X around your buildings.
Since i build a floor in my mines, i never see a enemy again there.

maybe that could help.

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I figured there was something with the banner but not other things

never thought of that. that’s probably why roads are effective for that

I’ve seen the zombie in the mine a few time (in all A14 branches so far except the release one as I haven’t played on that one much). I’ve seen all enemies in mines now (except crypts and camps). I always attributed to how far in I’m mining that I’m clearing part of the fog of war. I know when i’m not in mines everytime I clear a fog area, an enemy would usually appear soon after. They usually stop doing that once i get my hearthlings to create a path to the top of the mountains and spawn there instead.

ill try putting floors in my mines and see if that helps thanks.

lol and as im building the floors two goblins spawn in the mine.

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they had a camp and everything ;-;

Can you try to make a path way up over the mountains? Doesn’t need anything major, just ladders.

to see if they spawn up there?

roads have not fixed it ;-;

ok come on now this is starting to get ridiculous


they probably are thankful you made them a nice cave :grin:

i think ive killed about 15 giant zombies, over 40 entlings/golems, definetly over 50 goblins, 1 large camp, 6-7 small camps, and 1 giant wolf

and now ive had 3 wolf camps spawn in the exact same spot

I have been noting the locations in my mines like this, I then door/wall off these sections and don’t even bother defeating the enemies. Just walk on by…

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Seriously, how is that giant zombie even supposed to fit in that low little tunnel you have there?

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