Capturing the Goblin Camp (Non Aggressive Goblins)

I was quite surprised you could safely walk into a goblin camp and simply move their Wicked Fire Pit for a while although it disappears afterwards. The goblins didn’t even bother to invade anymore. They simply spawn at their perceived old camp site (no more) and sat there and became easy kills :slight_smile: .

Additional shots of another captured goblin Wicked Fire Pit right out of a goblin large encampment.

Moving the Wicked Fire Pit …

No more encampment … I wonder if they would still be aggressive :slight_smile: ?

Interesting…I usually play on peaceful, so I can’t say that I’ve seen this before.

Hey @8BitCrab, @Avairian, @Relyss, is this familiar to any of you? Also, needs a tag, seems like a bug…the goblins should probably attack you if you try to steal their fire.

To my knowlege I have not seen this personally. Seems to me like it is a bug so I’ll add it to the bug report category unless the others happen to disagree.

@tay_thotheolh to keep the topic clean and tidy, I would suggest to keep all the images in your original post (editing it to add more if needed) :sweat_smile:


It seems after you capture the camp fire, it is as good as “captured enemy flag” and they don’t even bother to fight. They get stomped over :slight_smile: .

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Say cheese everyone … why is one of them sleeping on the cold ground when i have spare beds in a house I built nearby … hmmm …

nope, sounds good :thumbsup:

this is indeed new, although it reminded me of an old bug…

Something funky going on with your link @8BitCrab, it looks like a link, acts like a link, but doesn’t seem to truly be a link (I can’t click on it!)…:wink:

i have no idea what you’re talking about :wink:

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Not really new I fear: Raiding the goblins

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I’ve been playing a new town recently and been attacked sever times at night by invaders (zombies and skeletons) and also at day ive been attacked by goblins. The thing I noticed is that they didn’t aggro towards my footmen nor workers. They just continue walking through my town until they are killed. Also When the goblins settled close to my town I refused to give the chieftain what he wanted and proceeded to attack him. Him nor his goblins had aggro and died really fast to my footmen.
So Im just wondering if the AI is bugged. Or is this only happening to me.

Hey there @Burkson, welcome back to the Discourse. Your issue seems very similar to another issue, so I have merged them together. So no, you are not the only one to report aggression issues with goblins or other enemies in the game.

Going to page @sdee to check if this is a known issue.