[Res] Invisible Goblins? Hearthlings killing themselves?

I think it’s enough similar… It could be a potential cause/consequence of the bug.

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I’m going to replay through again and try to recreate.

I had defeated all the goblins and also moved their firepit… as it was perched on top of a plant (as you do!)

for me… location had no effect.

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Well, it looks like plenty of other people had the same problem o.o And I guess it’s like I thought, they were attacking themselves.

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I came across an extremely interesting bug today while playing. I started a normal game and a few days in the goblin leader showed up, I kept him full of item she wanted for 3 cycles before he finally demanded things I could not provide. I noticed that the goblin camp was spawned half on a cliff, half off. goblins spawned in attack mode (had the sword thought bubble) but couldn’t actually reach me because they spawned on top of their wicked fire pit. I eventually got the pit to undeploy, sent soldiers over, and they killed the goblins without any resistance, except from the leader. However I then decided to re-deploy the fire pit on the ground. This is where things get…interesting. if I send soldiers over to the firepit, they start fighting invisible things… I don’t know what they are fighting, but it seems a fight they can’t win, no matter how well geared or how many I send over, they will die. But then my workers can gather their gear and tombstones without being harmed at all, and the cycle can repeat.

I also noticed that Tombstones says X’s tombstone when undeployed, but have the proper names when set out in the world.

attack of the wear sheep…

this sounds similar to this,

other than the fact the workers dont die in the camp…

Huzzah! I have to admit I have a really hard time navigating discourse, I don’t know why but it doesn’t make sense to me. I am glad to see that I’m not the only one suffering the bug, I always try to be as detailed as possible (I used to be a coder myself). It’s an interesting bug.

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well it is rather confusing at first, after awhile i got used to it though :smile:


I randomly stumbled upon this a few days ago and posted a thread about it on the stonehearth subreddit but I wasn’t entirely sure.

I have since tested it 2-3 more times and yes, it is for sure the skull bone pit that’s causes your footmen to go berserk and destroy nearby objects of yours and even kill each other.
When they attack your objects nearby the damage gets transferred to them instead and ends up killing them.
Footmen Fighting Each other
Footmen Dead Afterwards

thanks for the report, but its already reported over here,

@SteveAdamo @Relyss merge please :blush:

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Eh, to me it felt similar but more exact.
I’ve never had a problem just killing the pits, only when i move them it does it. :neutral_face:

I came across this strange bug (may not be a bug and may be a feature?) when I defeated the Goblin Camp that spawned. I killed all the goblins in the camp and all was well.

I decided to take their nice green glowing pit as a reward to my town but it seems like its existence in my town caused my footmen to go a bit nuts and start attacking themselves (2 killed themselves before I worked out what was happening)! The only way I could stop them from killing themselves was to quickly pause the game and change them back to a worker. Doing this also threw up a lua error but all seemed well again.

So I thought it may have just been a one off thing, so I made my hearthling back into a footman. As soon as she had a sword in her hand, she was swinging and stabbing herself again and met her own demise.

The goblin fire pit was quickly destroyed after the death of 3 footmen. New footmen since have stayed sane.

yes it is known that the goblin fire pit seems to make your hearthlings go insane and suicidal, im still unsure whether its intended to or not…

@sdee could you be so kind as to tell us whether this is a feature or a bug?

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Your footmen are supposed to attack the goblin firepit, but I’m not sure why or how it’s doing damage to them in turn. So it’s half of a bug! :slight_smile:


“footmen uses standard attack”

“goblin voodoo fire uses reflect damage!”

“-10 damage to footmen”

i just imagined it playing out something like that…


It certainly makes for a good story. Because it’s code, hearthlings do only and exactly what we tell them to do. Their capacity for ingenuity (or our capacity for missing things), even within those constraints… is astounding. :slight_smile:


I just took the goblin fire pit from the goblins thinking it looks cool and put it in my main building as a trophy but a while after my two warriors started attacking it. I didn’t want the fire pit destroyed so I gave an attack order in some other area while I told someone to remove the fire pit. I then heard fighting and I saw my warriors fighting themselves. on the task window it said “Runa Tuesday is attacking Runa Tuesday”. I panicked and told them to move. They continued fighting once they stopped moving. out of ideas I change their jobs back to worker and they stop fighting and fall asleep but the task window says “engaged in combat” and when I hit town defense they go right back to whacking themselves.


I also moved the firepit inside my city… WRONG move… everyone killed by ghosts…

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I also had this bug I noticed that the soldiers were engaged in combat with themselves. I demoted them which saved them but as soon as I made another footman they started attacking the demoted footmen