[Con] Hearthlings die by resting at a goblin's firepit

So I noticed that some of my hearthlings would randomly die, and I couldn’t figure it out for awhile. Well, it turns out my hearthlings randomly will try to rest at the goblin’s firepit, then get killed. Can that be updated? I’d rather not lose random hearthlings. For now I’m just trying to keep them from doing this.


It might be better over there then your town :stuck_out_tongue: . Or it could be the Goblins are offering incentives, that you can’t offer. Luring their prey in. BUAHAHAHAHA

J/K idk wierd bug, nice catch. Try and reproduce it. Move your firepit close a bit see if they do it again


@jcscribbles I had a similar thing happen but just thought those hearthlings were going over to the goblin camp to pick up some item on the ground somewhere under a tree I couldn’t see, lost 3 to that, maybe they were trying to warm up by the goblins fire, interesting

I’ll try and reproduce it soon. I am getting errors where the golbins will stop doing…literally anything after a certain amount of time. Still is awesome though!

So, randomly - My Hearthlings decided they were cold one evening. And promptly walked over to the Goblin camp and tried to warm up. They were slaughtered.

The only the thing I can think of that lead to this was that the Goblin camp, for some reason, sent out their camp guards with a raiding party and attacked my town. They were easily dispatched. The following night my Hearthlings decided to try and warm themselves at the Goblin camp. I don’t know if it has something to do with the missing Goblins since they are usually the ones warming their hands at the Goblin camp (since they were now dead and never respawned).

Needless to say, the Goblin Chieftain wasn’t having any of that. Hope this helps narrow down the bug.

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