Goblin resting by my towns firepit?!?

I came home from work and started up hearthstone clicked on continue, world loaded like normal except i had a strange visitor named Baa Leathermall sitting by my towns fire pit (at night btw) hearthings are ignoring him as if he was a member of the town( including the 2 footmen barely 60 blocks away) likewise he is ignoring them. I did notice a goblin camp a ways from my town with one goblin in it and its firepit lit. its the first time it has happened and i cant find another thread about it. one my hearthilngs basicly stepped on him then sat in the exact same place not sure if this is a bug, but it seems like one

hey there @Northernkaizer, welcome to the discourse :smile:

assuming that you’re neutral with the goblins, this is perfectly normal/intended behavior, i believe there was actually a thread about it awhile ago…


yep, there was indeed a thread for screenshots of goblins and hearthlings sitting around the same firepit,


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Thanks its new and was completely unexpected. that explains why i cant attack them, they are waiting for their shinies!

Will this behaviour change if i choose not to give the goblin cheiftan his shinies?

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yes, as soon as you stop paying the goblins tribute they will become enemies and fight you.

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