Raaya's Can't Store Sunflower/Fox Lilly

Was hoping to build one of the monuments to get to tier 2 and was moving stuff around only to discover that pawns won’t pick up nor store the sunflowers and fox lilly’s.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Obtain sunflowers or fox lillys from trader who leaves them by the banner
  2. Watch them sit there and never get stored; assumed they are ‘trophies’ but had an ‘all’ storage bin
  3. Make a consternated face

Hoped they’d be stored or at least register as available for the recipe, which they are not.

Can’t store them, can’t use them to create monuments.

Using latest Steam version

Mods: Traveler’s store, Better stockpiles, du_tracker, easy_mode, Homf & terrain colors.

It could be the better stockpile mod influence? We had a shared Rayya/desert game where we bought some from the trader and got it stored for later as any other item.

They are categorized as plants in the unmodded game.

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They store them fine on vanilla, it must be because of the mods.

Thank you, I love his/her mod so will have to let them know. Dumb of me to not test that prior to posting…must be lack of sleep from playing this game! LOL

I can confirm it’s a bug with Better Stockpiles. Some plants can’t be stored, sorry about that. It will be corrected in the next update of BS. Thanks for bringing the issue !

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